About Us

In 2007 we were heavily involved in agriculture raising meats for the public. With that came rats! For many years we were rat free, never really knew anything about rats except thought that they were only in the city. It seemed overnight we were overrun with rats! Any given time there would be about 15 rats running across my barn floor! The damage to the property, the livestock, the defecation mess put me on a mission to come up with a solution. 

Looking for a sustainable method to dealing with them I purchased my first rat terrier puppy and started to learn about my menace.  After a few months and diligence, we were rat free. Using ContraPest was a game changer at our farm and home as this gave us a fighting chance to make the changes that needed to be made to deter rats from settling in. Now we offer services to local farmers providing Consultations, Animal Husbandry Skills, Property & Infrastructure Management, Rat Hunts if the client so chooses for Heavy Infestations, and Rat Birth Control product giving sustainable solutions to a problem that is persistent.

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We have safe solutions for rat control.

  • Bait Station - Protecta Evo Express W/ Weight

    Bait Stations

    How Many Bait Stations do you need for your hot spots?

  • Evolve Rat~6lb

    Evolve Soft Bait

    Choose how many buckets you need for the amount of bait stations you need

  • ContraPest Isolate Refill


    One Isolate will feed about 8-15 rats for a month. We suggest 3 per station giving you 3 months coverage. Order additionals so you have back up for population fluctuations.