The hazards of rats

Have you got unwanted residents setting up shop in your home or barn? Eating you out of house and home? Eating your wires of your house or your Car? Making endless holes in your walls? Defecating all over the place? Eating your baby chickens? Gnawing on your animals? Making your home their home? Time to take it back!

In order to deter and avoid having your unwanted house guests set up shop and being free loaders you need to understand how it lives, survives and what it loves. This way, you can make better choices in deterring them instead of attracting them to move into your dwelling and move you out!

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Think like a rat

  • Why would I want to think like a rat?
  • Facts about rats
  • It's habits
  • It's lifestyle
  • It’s needs, wants and desires
  • What to look for!
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Solutions from Harriet

Rats are at a location because it is providing them with their basic needs. Here you will find holistic tips and tricks on yard management, feeding wild birds, animal husbandry skills, how to manage your supply piles plus a whole lot more!

Harriet Loves ContraPest and Evolve Rodent Fertility as it greatly reduces the hazzards of using Rodenticides which harms wildlife. Safe and effective while giving you time to implement plans to deter rats from making your home their home!

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In 2024 Shut the Door On Your Rat Population!

No matter what your needs are, we are here to help with interupting your rats from breeding to an explosion! From helping you start implementing your program, Offering Refills at discounted pricing, or adding additional bait stations to your existing program for added protection or to use to put traps in!

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