Hazards of Rats

Not Only having Rats at your home or place of work causes problems with your surroundings they do cause equal hardship on the wildlife by humans using rodenticides with secondary effects to the predators of the rats.

We have a responsibility to be partners with our wildlife and help take care of them. We have become to accustomed in having a division between our wants and actions. By loosing our ability to work with nature and not being aware of our surroundings we have wanted the quick fix of riding ourselves of rats and mice.

At Ratology we are here to help bring awareness to your surroundings, teach how our clients have had success without using Rodenticides, to keep or eliminate the rat population with cycles of our environment and natural elements. Working with the cycles of Mother Earth we can learn to work with her rhythms. If we educate ourselves and think outside of the box we can be partners and not a separate society of the world we live within. 

Below are links to videos on what Rodenticides are and how they effect our wildlife friends.

Raptors are exposed to Rodenticides after Eating Infected Rats

Prey for Wildlife; Casualties of the Chemical War on Rats

Newhouse Wildlife Rescue

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