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Bait Station- EZ Kleen

Bait Station- EZ Kleen

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A great Station at a Great Value. For extra coverage, this station holds several Evolve Sausages to keep them safe from children and pets while maintaining rat consumption. Perfect for indoor applications may want to use a concrete block placed on top to weight for heavy winds and storms.

Are you not sure if your rats will like the Rat Fertility Evolve? Is it easy to use? 

This is a great time to Try it!  For a Limited Time

~with each Cafe Bait Station purchased for a Limited Time receive a 4 Piece sample Packet of Evolve! Get this special while you can! 

 We are here to help you and your rats become familiar with this revolutionary product in Rat control! Evolve is safe for the environment with no secondary effects on our fellow wildlife that may consume a rat has consumed Evolve. Evolve is extremely palatable and quick acting to avoid future generations of rats.  Stopping the population at its source, leaving only the core group to manage and implement changes in your rat program.  Saving you time, money and Frustration!

Start sooner than later to get a jump on their Population Bloom! Order your sample today! 

If you are ordering Bait Stations with Evolve Products they will arrive in 2 separate deliveries.  THE B&G Rodent Cafe does not lend well with the Isolate Feed System

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