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Evolve Rat ~12lb

Evolve Rat ~12lb

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The first step in any Rat prevention program!

Evolve Integrates with other methods of Rodent Control by working on the source, by reducing the birth rate of future pups. A Long Term solution affecting the population after the first or second breeding cycle of 4-6 weeks you can see a decrease in the population quickly! Evolve interferes with both male and female reproductive systems quickly having minimum risk to the environment and wildlife.

Evolve soft bait is user friendly to deploy and loved by the rats which look for more! Unlike Rodenticides, which can lead to bait aversion resulting to less effectiveness, Evolve is very palatable and they keep coming back for more. This leads to success!

Perfect to integrate into other Rat Management practices reducing time, money and aggravation!  

Ready to use in Residential, Commercial, or Professional settings to reduce future generations long term! One Bucket of Evolve will Typically last 2 bait stations for 2-3 months. This of course depends on how large of a colony is eating out of that bait station.

Store unused portion of Evolve in a cool dark location for the best shelf life of about 10-12 months.

Make sure you have enough on hand to get at least 3 months supply for the colony. Especially during heavy rat months, typically the spring and early fall months in the East Coast. In the South It can be pretty much year round.

It is Best to use the Evolve with the metal rods that came with the bait stations to monitor the consumption. If you need the metal rods, please make a note of how many bait stations you have when ordering. 

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